Blogstreet’s Back, Alright!

If you have paid any attention to this blog since its inception in March, you will have realized that it has laid dormant this summer for an inexcusable amount of time. Perhaps you were worried about my safety. (After reading this post, I’m sure you are amazed that I have sustained life as long as I have. This is surprising to me as well, as just last weekend, I had to panic-walk half a mile across a frisbee golf course to poop in a pitch-dark Port-A-Potty and then gingerly remove two spiders from my pants, and I have, in recent memory, pinched a nerve in my back by standing up too quickly and pulled a muscle in my shoulder bowling. Darwin, I’m sure, is watching me somewhere, thinking, “Soon, you will be mine.”) The reason I have not been writing as of late is threefold: I have been on a delightful number of vacations, I have been incredibly lazy, and I am just now dragging myself out of the chasm of writer’s block. I have started several posts only to find that I am more unable to finish them than a toddler playing Mortal Kombat or a drunk guy at an orgy. (That last one was a stretch, but what can I say, I’m rusty.) Now that I’ve run out of vacation days and laziness has turned into boredom, I am making a concerted effort to get this blog back up and running, so welcome back to Fill This Out Later. I look forward to a tenure of embarrassing myself and disappointing my readers.